Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Drunken Robot Pornography - The Cleanest Game on The Internet

Today I am taking a look at Drunken Robot Pornography by Dejobaan Games. It is much much tamer than it sounds.

You are a man taking responsibility for giant robots that are destroying Sky Boston. It is up to you, your sentient starfish suit, your jet boots and your gun to take out this mechanical marvels before things get out of hand.

It so far at least has 3 different game modes:
- Kill titans
- Reach a particular score by shooting things and collecting pick ups
- Reach a particular score by collection and depositing alcohol

Definitely more of a fan of the first mode rather than the later ones, though it is always nice to have a bit of variation. Every level has a time limit and they also tend to be chock full of little drones intent on killing as well as those giant robotic titans.

This really drops the time commitment of this game, any given attempt will last at most the time limit of the level, the longest of which is about 4 minutes. But unlike in their other games like Aaaaa! For the Awesome, this game is completely linear. if you get stuck on and sick of a level you can't move on to a different one, you have to keep trying until you succeed.

This barrier made it pretty easy for me to lose interest in favour of other game. I definitely enjoyed my couple of hours playing this game, but not sure I am likely to go back any time soon.

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