Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Massive Chalice EP8 - A Wrinkly Issue

It really hurts to go into battle with too few heroes. Mostly it hurts my pride. I thought I was in such a good position and then quickly saw how wrong I was.

I really like the way that Wrinklers and Lapses remain a problem no matter how good your tech is because they do a form of damage that is permanent. Because battles are years apart healing times are pretty much irrelevant, but a hit from a wrinkler potentially will remove one fight from your heroes career and it will most likely drop their fertility too which is a pretty important consideration for their future positions.

The other thing that comes up in this episode is the disposition of relics. I keep giving them to people that I also then want to use for strategic roles. Definitely doing something wrong there. I need to try to maintain two mental lists. Good strategic and good tactical candidates. The problem is that both lists are pretty similar which is why relics keep ending up on people who aren't in combat.

The UI for these screens does leave much to be desired. Yes you can sort by marital status and by relic, but it would be much better if there was also an icon which indicated the current role of a hero Regent/Partner/Standard and one that indicated the number of relics a hero currently owned, perhaps including the relic level. It would reduce the need to search through their more detailed information and reduce some of the mental burden during these decisions.

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