Monday, 17 November 2014

Massive Chalice EP7 - Mistakes Were Made

Perhaps my pronouncement that I had enough people and children that my staffing problems are over was a little... premature.

That fight in the Cinderlands was a bit problematic, I was a bit too aggressive and took some risks I really didn't need to take and as a result Sapphire and Emma both lost their lives. Worst of all was just not thinking through the potion throw. Emma was not in much danger but it turns out that my heroes dish out a lot more damage than the enemies do, so friendly fire is really really dangerous.

It is an interesting contrast to XCOM. In XCOM you and many of the aliens use the exact same weaponry, meaning an assault with a plasma rifle will do about the same damage as a thin man with a plasma rifle. The compensation for greater enemy numbers in XCOM is in general greater HP and better stats on your soldiers. Both sides to similar amounts of damage but your troops can take more in any given encounter.

In Massive Chalice, the Cadence and the heroes don't at all operate in the same ways, they are mechanically much more distinct from each other than aliens and humans in XCOM. Whilst you can research weapons inspired by (and using parts from) the Cadence you never really pick up their moves. As a result, Cadence mostly have higher HP and lower damage output, and heroes lower HP and higher damage. This means Alchemist friendly fire is basically always going to be really dangerous. I  try will avoid making that mistake again.

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