Monday, 24 November 2014

Massive Chalice EP10 - She's Older Than She's Ever Been

The Wrinklers are proving to be a problem given my heavy reliance on hunters and their now lower damage output. Stephana is lucky to be alive if that second blow hadn't glanced she wouldn't merely be 10 years old, she would be dead. As it stands she is now going to get one to two fights fewer than she otherwise could have participated in.

On the other hand the hunter relics I have are starting to get better and better as I actually think to equip them on heroes I am sending into combat and now it is looking like I could get some relics for other classes which should help me use them to greater effect too.

It occurs to me now that perhaps some of the damage reduction I am dealing with is the loss of the region bonus from the area the Sagewrights guild was located in. I think that location gave me a dex bonus for all hunters. Something to check on next time I load up the game.

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