Friday, 16 January 2015

Massive Chalice EP20 - Experienced Relics

Unfortunately none of the new hybrid classes have come of age yet, so I stuck with the pure ones. Hopefully I will have some new heroes to play with next time. Meaning I can fight with them in episode 22.

This isn't that big a deal though because at this stage of the game I am trying to level up relics that the my older heroes are carrying. They are the only things left in the game I have that have some space left before they hit their XP cap.

I spent way too much time getting to this screen
They are also a key source of interface frustration. I keep having to duck into menus in battle to keep track of the XP value of the relic, I think I did that at least half a dozen times in the fight this episode and it is at least 3 or 4 clicks each time. Not a fast process.

It seems like it would be very easy to fix this too, the heroes weapon is shown in the bottle right, so you could pretty easily just add the XP bar to that, possibly coloured differently so it isn't confused with the hero XP bar on the bottom left.

Something like this
It is also interesting to note that because all of my heroes are now at level 10, even the ones that never enter combat themselves, my vanguard are starting to almost entirely age out. I don't feel the need to promote them to standards or regents because all I do then is lose a soldier, one of the younger heroes is almost always a better candidate because they have they don't have relics and I can focus purely on what traits I want to pass on.

In fact I am likely to keep my current vanguard until they either die and pass their relic on, or a space opens up in the Sagewrights guild. The relics are easily the most important factor right now.

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