Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Massive Chalice EP19 - A Slight Pause

My hiatus was not planned at the time I recorded the intro to this episode, which lead to a little bit of awkwardness at the start. But now that my holiday is over and I am back home and, most important of all the Hybrid class patch is out I can resume this series again.

This patch has brings some really significant changes along with it, but most of them completely fail to show up in this video. Pre-existing heroes maintain their old skill trees and class, so I need fresh babies before I get to see any of the new sub-classes.

It also looks like the new relic appearance isn't applied retroactively, and I am no longer actually generating new relics, instead I am focusing my efforts on levelling up old ones so I am pretty much stuck with the boring non-distinct ones I already have.

All I have are the relatively minor tweaks to existing skills and combat rules, most of which have no real impact on my play style, save for a sudden inability of my hunters to blind my enemies, meaning I need to play it a little more cautious until my new wave of anklebiters show up.

This is all pretty much a flow on from my decision to try to have one single massive chalice series as a lets play, rather than multiple timelines, I think the game would simply take too long and I would have to either show only highlights, significantly increase episode times or increase the episode release rate. None of which I am very keen on, for the purpose of this lets play I will follow this timeline to its conclusion, whatever that may be.

If you are interested in playing Massive Chalice for yourself, you can grab it on Steam right now, or if consoles are more your thing, it will eventually be released on Xbox One as well.

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