Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Completed: Mass Effect 3

What a fantastic ride. I am going to try to be as spoiler free as I can.

Mass Effect 3 is a great conclusion to the franchise, it is full of moments large and small where you unite the galaxy behind you in an effort to stop the reapers. The process of doing so is neither simple nor straight forward. It involves dealing with problems that have existed within the Mass Effect universe since well before the first game. Some of which predate humans entering the setting.

The game builds on the attachments you formed with characters and races during ME1 and ME2 in order to tug on players heartstrings.

There are some difficult decisions to make along the way and in a galactic war many lives are unavoidably lost. What I love most about this series are the little conversations that you find walking around the various locations. People talking about current events and asking each other what they can do to help or profit from them.

One of the improvements they've made to the Normandy is that characters will move around occasionally and you will find say Garrus and Joker both in the cockpit exchanging jokes about turians and humans. It just helps you immerse yourself in what seems like a living, breathing world.

Pity about the ending though, it did feel a bit limited. Then again, the core plotlines of all three games were fixed, it is the details along the way which change and made the experience for me.

Games list status: 385 unfinished titles
Net change: 1 title finished 

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