Monday, 19 March 2012

Completed: DLC Quest

DLC Quest was a short and entertaining parody platformer that I obtained as part of the Indie Royale St. Patrick's Day Bundle.

It takes the concept of downloadable content to the ridiculous extreme, where not even the sound and animation are included in the initial purchase. The art style is pretty simple but attractive and the concept charmingly silly. It takes pains to warn you that you are not spending real money to get the DLC in game, instead you are purchasing them using coins found within the game.

I would be interested in seeing similar parody which had a separate "out of game" layer where the player actually earned the fake money to buy the items in the game. I think that claiming that the player has just spent a day at the office specifically to earn enough to pay for that next bit of DLC would add a bit more emphasis to the ridiculousness.

It only takes an hours or so to play through and finish and its a great inclusion in the St Patrick's Day bundle. 

Games list status: 386 unfinished titles


  1. Huh. Reminds me of the Flash game "Upgrade Complete", except that was a Raiden-style shooter. And itself based off the "Achievement Unlocked" series.

    1. Yeah, it is pretty much a platformer version of upgrade complete with a slight context shift. Since conceptually here you are paying for extra content rather than earn it via play. It is undermined by needing to earn the money through play in DLC quest though.

  2. Worth pointing out two other games I found today on the topic of meta gaming:

    There is now an Upgrade Complete 2 (

    Also "Great Game 1/5" ( which is about people playing games who criticise overly harshly.

    Both were as fun as DLC Quest imo :)

    1. Curse you Baloogy, I spent the last 45 minutes before Uni doing Great Game 1/5 and Upgrade Complete 2 rather than doing work. =)