Sunday, 2 September 2012

My Baby Brother

Today would have been my youngest brother's 18th birthday. Unfortunately he passed away in January 2010 dying from a rockfall in the bush.

He was a bright, fit, active kid who was at a point in his life where anything was possible. I have no idea what subjects he would be doing or where he would be aiming in life if he were still with us. I mostly talked to him about games since that was our primary shared interest, the last conversation I ever had with him was how he planned to spend the rest of his summer holidays split between Call of Duty and Maple Story.

I and my whole family miss him dearly.

I have been musing over what to write for this post since I started this blog, but now all I really want to say is that I love him and miss him.

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  1. R.I.P Nick,

    I still remember the day meeting you and everyone else in our primary school in Balgowlah heights my first day in 2008 I think you were there, You were taken away so young, but I remember you were always a bubbly person and fun and nice and talkative and sporty,

    Lots of Love Lyn. Xxx
    Hot Bread Spot Bakery

    Take Care,