Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Hugo Month 2012 - Novelettes

The Novelette is a category of fiction I had not heard of prior to looking at the Hugos, I had thought that it went Short Story < Novella < Novel. But the Hugos have the Novelette as another category between Shot Story and Novella, I guess this gives you more rewards to give out.

Here are my thoughts about the novelettes in the order I intend to vote for them.

Ray of Light - Brad R Torgersen

A single dad trying to raise his daughter in a underwater station deep in the oceans, where it is still warm. A wonderful tale about acceptance, loss and trying to regain what has been lost.

Features some very lucky kids.

Six Months, Three Days - Charlie Jane Anders

Predestination vs Free Will, a tale of a doomed relationship between two clairvoyants who each see the future very differently and yet still seem to agree on major points. Attracted to each other, yet both knowing that the relationship is going to last only six months and three days. One of them has to be wrong, but which one?

Fields of Gold - Rachel Swirsky

A tale about death and responsibility. It seems that death is a series of parties as newcomers keep arriving, got to find some what of spending the rest of your existence I guess. It is interesting to see the two central characters going trying to work out what they want, what they were really looking for all of their lives.

What We Found - Geoff Ryman 

This is an examination about both science and the old ways, it features people growing up and ideas wearing out.

The Copenhagen Interpretation - Paul Cornell

I found this one pretty odd, it is a steampunk story featuring spaceships, theories about the weight of souls and thus the location of life on a grand scale and murky international politics balanced on a knife edge. It was kind of fun, but missed the mark for me.

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