Monday, 1 June 2015

Ran of the Ninja - EP6 - Karajan Castled

While we took out Kelly last time, Karajan made his escape but we have tracked him down to a castle somewhere in Eastern Europe. Between this episode and the last I replayed some of the older level tracking down scrolls and collectibles I had previously missed. I normally wouldn't really bother with that kind of thing but I have been enjoying the game enough that I have wanted to play it more often than I have had chances to record.

This means I have started to unlock more masks which let you tinker more with your play style. I had assumed initially that masks would be locked for the entire level, so picking that would also predetermine your approach, but actually any time you can requip (at the various black flag) you can select a new mask, you it really only determines your approach for that section.

Really wish I could see the seals when I make the selection though, especially at the start of a given level, some seals are basically impossible to obtain with particular masks (especially the swordless stealthy mask).

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