Monday, 16 March 2015

Ranneko Plays The Collider

The Collider was a fun little palette cleanser, I guess it would count as an infinite runner and it was made by Shortbreak studios.

The aim of the game is to thread the needle for as long as possible, as you get faster and faster, you collect coins as you go and the only way to spend them is to let you recover from a crash. I noticed it because a friend on twitter compared it to Super Hexagon and I can see what they mean, but it just doesn't quite hit the same notes for me.

I can definitely see that it likes to use patterns, but unlike Super Hexagon you just can't see them until you are already part way through and it means it feels much more like a raw reaction test rather than also building on pattern recognition.

I did have fun with it and will definitely be popping back to it every so often if I need a quick distraction but it isn't going to hold me the same way.

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