Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Shadowrun Sydney - Modern Sydney

This series has been pending for a while, but I figure that it would be best to give a little blurb about where I am coming from. I kind of have my baseline Sydney the one I grew up with that I have to kind of layer the events of the timeline over before extrapolating a bit more for the final decade.

I am mostly going off my own general knowledge and a little research here, I will definitely make mistakes and have missed information here and there, I definitely am not an expert on Sydney, there are large swathes of it that I never have had any reason to visit and are completely outside of my direct or even second hand experience.

Sydney is the oldest, largest Australian city, with a population of about four and a half million. Meaning it holds about a fifth of the total population of Australia. Between it and Melbourne you have almost half of the overall population, this is why most Australians you meet are likely to be from one of these two cities.

It is also a Alpha+ Global City which means that it is a major player in the global economic system, this has significant impacts upon it and the region it occupies, it plays a large role in providing services across the world. It is why you see large offices for major multinationals situated in Sydney and helps ensure its social and economic prosperity.

Unfortunately for Sydney, Shadowrun's timeline either mitigates or outright destroys its capabilities in most of these areas. By the 2070s Sydney is a husk of its former selves with its geography, climate and character utterly changed. It isn't the sunny, multicultural, prosperous city I grew up in, it is an isolated backwater with its heyday over 60 years in its past and an environment that reminds its inhabitants of their temporary and tenuous grip upon safety.

In summary, Sydney is in for a pretty rough time, but this is Shadowrun no where in that setting is sunshine and lollipops.

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