Monday, 4 March 2013

Finished: Home

Home is a short atmospheric horror adventure game about trying to make your way home and make sense of the circumstances you found yourself in. It adjusts in various ways to your decisions, which can result in a very different final narrative (though the game ends up playing the same way).

The journey home is not straight forward and involves a trek through a surprisingly large number of locations, homes, tunnels, a forest, an abandoned factory, not a normal walk home. I picked up this game because a pair of my friends had played through it simultaneously each picking opposite decisions and discussing the differences and also, because it was cheap. Ultimately what seems to shape the story to various extents is what items you pick up and keep with you, primarily because in the final scenes this limits the options your character has available.

One thing I quite liked about this game was the boxed text, the graphics engine can only show so much, and can't really show more subtle things like smell and touch, or even just sounds and animations that the engine doesn't support. The boxed text was a fairly simple but effective way to convey that the mood.

Overall, Home was an interesting game, but not really one I think I would have bothered with were it not for a combination of a friend's recommendation, low price and short length. Had the game been much longer I suspect it may have ended up on the Abandoned list.

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