Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Completed: The Blackwell Legacy

The Blackwell Legacy is the first game in the Blackwell series of adventure games. The Blackwell Legacy is pretty short, it took me less than 2 hours to complete, and that was including reloading a late game save to see a minor variant ending.

The art style of the game is a fairly retro pixel based one which deliberately evokes that older Lucas Arts adventure game feel.

The puzzles themselves were fairly satisfying without being too simple nor so abstract and strange that the player either needs a guide or to somehow think in the same way as the author as to deduce the correct set of bizarre steps.

One feature I particularly liked was Rosa's notebook, once the game gets started, Rosa starts making a note of clues and conversations in her notebook and to solve some puzzles and get further clues you can use notes with each other. It reminded me of Discworld Noir, which was the first adventure game I saw this in.

The game also features two commentary tracks, one from just after the author made the game and another created 5 years later. I didn't play much of the game with them on, it is a lot of talking and there are spoilers after all, but it is interesting hearing the contrast between the two. Especially where the younger author wants to keep some things mysterious and then the older author spills the beans.

Over all I had fun with this and I would like to thank BaloogyMcBoy for recommending it be the next game when I was trying to decide what to play. One minor note for those that care, despite the patch notes, the achievements do not currently work in Steam.

Finally I would like to quickly apologise for going dark for over a week, it due was a combination of uni work and a lazy long weekend.

 Games list status: 385 unfinished titles
Net change: 1 title finished

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  1. One down, three to go! The next two are quite fun, can't yet speak to the fourth game though. I didn't realise but he also made Emerald City Confidential which was another interesting game I enjoyed.