Friday, 17 February 2012

What this blog is for

Hello there,

I am a 26 year old aussie gamer. I live in Sydney and today was my last day at the IT company where I have worked for the past 5 years. I quit in order to return to study full time. I am spending this year completing a Masters of IT at Sydney University in which I intend to major in both Project Management and Business Information Systems. The actual contact hours involved in this are surprisingly limited but the plan is to not procrastinate regarding the associated study and work. I do have plans for how I will spend the extra free time this year. This blog is intended to help track these plans especially the to log the time I have spent and my thoughts on the overall progress.

Broadly speaking this is going to be a mix of the kind of thing I have seen done by Timespike at and tracking both time and progress regarding my personal projects for the year.

The plan is to keep up to date lists of my games and other media that I would like to finish. Things can be removed from the lists when I decide I am done with them, this ideally will be when I have finished playing, reading, watching or listening to them. This will not always be the case, if sufficient rage is induced or the media just bores me that also qualifies the item for list removal. I kind of hope that focusing on noting additions and removals I can make the latter surpass the former for a while. As you can see the current list of games is somewhat... large.

The masters is focusing on non-technical skills, but I would like to continue to work on my technical abilities. I have a few ideas for projects the first one involves android development.

I want to keep track of various aspects of my life and hopefully my self improvement, I will be keeping track of my exercise (via Fitocracy), my gaming via Raptr and Boardgame Geek and doing some manual work to keep track of my reading and cooking. I have some vague ideas at this point to then use this info for an XP system because such things appeal to me.

In any case, I am headed off on a short holiday which means that my gaming for the next week will be somewhat extreme... hopefully I can get some info updated and on the site during the week though.

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